Sunset Siesta

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Sunset Siesta

This Pure Silk embroidery thread colour pack has been carefully hand selected to bring you 10 different silk shades from our extensive collection of over 300 colours.

Many of the shades in our silk packs are new additions to our range and are therefore only available in these colour packs.

Each cop is in our finest thread (6 thread) and is 200 metres long, that's a total of 2000 metres of Pure silk embroidery thread and a saving of £3.00, that's over 13% when you buy them in a pack compared to buying the individual cops.

Use the threads in these packs just as they are or for shading and blending techniques, try combining our single strands from the colour packs together. It adds depth and highlights to your hand embroidery and with these carefully selected shades, you can't go wrong!

This pack contains one of each of the following: 
White No. 01
Glow No. 85
Honey No. 77
Pearl No. 1051
Conch No. 87
Sun No. 51
Desert No. 63
Ray No. 76
Yolk No.94
Clementine No. 167

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Product Code Sunset Siesta Colour Pack