Silk Craft Fibres and other products

Here you can find a variety of other craft fibers which can be used for a wide variety of projects including paper making and embroidery. 

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  • Throsters Pure Silk bags

    Throsters Pure Silk bags

    Throsters pure silk bags are a mix of pure silk embroidery thread and and pure silk weaving yarns, all of varying length and colours. Suitable for paper making, creative embroidery and other craft uses.
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  • Silk Coccon Strippings

    Silk Coccon Strippings

    Soft cocoon strippings have 25% natural gum making them ideal for Spray and Iron Papermaking
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  • Silk Tops Silver

    Silk Tops Silver

    Beautifully smooth, Luxurious combed silk tops, ideal for spinning, silk paper making and layering into felt.
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  • Tussah Silk Tops - Natural

    Tussah Silk Tops - Natural

    Beautifully smooth, Natural silk tops, ideal for spinning, silk paper making and layering into felt.
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  • Beautiful Silk Mawata Cap

    Beautiful Silk Mawata Cap

    It can take anything from 30 to 37 silk worm cocoons to make one Mawata silk cap. The result is a beautifully smooth piece of silk that is amazing to work with.
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  • Teny Tiny Silk Craft bags

    Teny Tiny Silk Craft bags

    Do you have a craft project where you just need that tiny bit of texture to finish it off but cant find anything suitable anywhere? Well these are for you..