DeVere Yarns Advent Calendar

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DeVere Yarns Advent Calendar

We have nearly sold out of this years Holly tree design Advent calendar and because we offer such a variety of choice for the contents, we can only put the full amount we have left across the selection. If the one you would like is showing as sold out, please send us an email at and let us know which thread selection you would like and we will see if we have one available. 

Alternatively, if you are eager to get your hands on one, for yourself or to send as a gift, we do have a limited stock of our wreath design from last year, which is available in all thread thicknesses, now also online. 

The worlds first embroidery yarn advent calendar offering you the chance to pick your favourite choice of thread from silk, wool and cotton, is back for its 4th year! Behind each door you will find a beautiful spool of thread just waiting for your next project to start. 

Our packaging is made from sustainably sourced materials, its fully recyclable, Eco-friendly and made in the UK.  

How it works:
Pick which type of embroidery thread you would like to be included in your advent calendar from the choices in the drop down list, either your favourite thread or perhaps a new thread you haven't tried before:

Each advent calendar will include 24 spools/cops of thread, hidden behind 24 individual doors.

We will then select colours from across our entire range so that each day, the colour is a surprise. By the time you have opened day 24, you will have a beautiful colour spectrum in your chosen thread type. 

6 thread thickness - All 24 cops Pure silk
12 thread thickness - All 24 cops Pure silk
18 thread thickness - All 24 cops Pure silk
36 thread thickness - All 24 cops Pure silk
60 thread thickness - All 24 cops Pure silk
72 thread thickness - All 24 cops Pure silk
 Mixed silk thread thicknesses (4 of each silk thickness 6/12/18/36/60/72) - All 24 cops Pure silk
= £49.99

6 wool cops / 6 mercerised cotton cops / 12 silk cops

(12 silk cops include 2 of each silk thread thickness (6/12/18/36/60/72) 

24 Worsted Wool cops 
= £24.99

24 Mercerised Cotton cops 
= £24.99

12 Worsted wool cops and 12 Mercerised cotton cops
= £24.99


If you have never used our silk threads before and would like to know in thickness how they compare to a DMC stranded cotton thread to help you select an advent calendar, please use the list below for the closest silk thread comparison. This list is for use as a guide only and are not exact measurements: 

DeVere Yarns 72 thread = DMC 6 stranded Cotton as it comes
DeVere Yarns 60 thread = DMC split down and using 5 strands
DeVere Yarns 36 thread = DMC split down and using 3 strands
DeVere Yarns 18 thread = DMC split down and using 2 strands
DeVere Yarns 12 thread = DMC split down and using 1 strand
DeVere Yarns 6 thread = DMC split down even further into 12 fine strands

gail markopoulos
from port huron, michigan usa

advent calendar 72 thread silks

Just received the calendar since my daughter bought it for me and saved for Christmas. Twenty-four silks all at once! All lovely, Can't wait to start anther silk project. Thanks,


Thusheela Churchill
from Reading

Silk Option72 and Cotton

Fast delivery, packing was beautiful but my daughter found the Stars a bit too much with her cotton set.. 😅.

My silk thread selection from day 1-5 so far has been absolutely beautiful selection. I hv been using some of my selection already into my work. The thread is beautiful no fault in them , all I can say it is a delight to work with them as they are so smooth to work with.