Natural/Raw Cotton - Weaving yarn range

This is our range of natural / raw cotton weaving yarns - Suitable for both warp and weft uses. Sold on approx. 200g cones. These yarn can be used raw in an un-dyed state although batches do differ and cannot be guaranteed for shade. They are all 2 fold yarns - 2 ends of yarn spun together. 

Combed Cotton - A basic warp/weft yarn, cheaper and less refined than Gassed or Mercerised Cotton.

Gassed Combed Cotton - A refined cotton that has had the hairs singed from its spun surface to give a smooth

Gassed Combed Mercerised Cotton - A luxury cotton yarn with a subtle satin sheen similar to that of spun silk.

2/10's is the thickest Cotton thread
2/80's is the finest Cotton thread

The smaller the number the thicker the yarn, the larger the number the finer the yarn.