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Just like chocolates and sweets where you can purchase the bags of all sorts that are slightly quirky in shape or colour but in reality taste exactly the same.... well have you ever wondered what happens to all of our quirky embroidery yarns and threads?

The cops that don't meet our standard length or slightly over ran and are too long?
That beautiful blue shade that's been wound onto a cop with the label Pink?
The cops that are 6 thread in thickness but has been wound onto a cop with 72 thread thickness?
Or just simply, the ones that just look a bit quirky?

Well we still love them all the same and want you to have the chance to love them too, so we bring to you:

'Collecting All Sorts' 

Each colour pack contains a yarn value of no less than £15.00.

We have 9 different colour variety packs available, Pink, Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Turquoise, Yellow, Brown/Orange and White/Black/Grey.

(The pictures show an example of the whole array of colours and threads we have collected, but there are many many more, what is showed here is an example of some of the threads that may be included in your colour pack. Each pack differs and so even if ordering two packs from the same colour category, these will be different)

Within these 9 categories, not one of these packs matches another, the cops will all be different lengths and different thread thicknesses. Each one includes a range of different yarn types that could be anything from Silk to Wool to Cotton to Viscose to Spun Art Silk and even Metallic threads. 

Hence their name - 'Collecting Allsorts' :D

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Collecting Allsorts 'White/Grey/Black Colour Pack'

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