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Christmas Advent Calendars

The DeVere Yarns Advent calendar 
Its like receiving the joy of chocolate every day,
except without any calories

Our Christmas present to you is a saving of up to 20%
with one of our Advent Calendars compared to buying the individual cops :)

How it works: There are 4 different theme colours as written below:
  1. Gold, Green and Cream (Gold bells, Green tissue and cream bags)
  2. Gold, Red and Cream (Gold bells, Red tissue and cream bags)
  3. Silver, Green and White (Silver bells, Green tissue and white bags)
  4. Silver, Red and White (Silver bells, Red tissue and white bags)

Pick which theme you like best by clicking on your choice below: 

You will then be taken through to the options of which embroidery thread you would like to be included in your 24 little bags of joy, one for each day leading up to Christmas :) 

24 Pure Silk embroidery thread bags = £46.00 
24 Wool embroidery thread bags = £19.00
24 Cotton embroidery thread bags = £44.00
24 mixed (silk/wool/cotton) = £39.00

Please note: If you are ordering after the 20th of November from outside of the UK we cannot guarantee that your advent calendar will arrive before the 1st December - On the bright side, you get to play catch up and open more than one each day :) 
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