Advent Calendars

The worlds first embroidery yarn advent calendar offering your favourite choice of thread from silk, wool and cotton,
is coming back for its 4th year!

Behind each door you will find a beautiful spool of thread just waiting for your next project to start. 

We wanted to produce an advent calendar that not only had our beautiful threads inside, but we wanted our packaging to be made from sustainably sourced materials, be fully recyclable, Eco-friendly and made in the UK, completely reducing our carbon footprint on the planet. We are proud to announce that this years advent calendar ticks every single one of those boxes. 

How it works:
You pick which type of embroidery thread you would like to be included in your advent calendar from the choices in the drop down list, either your favourite thread or perhaps a new thread you haven't tried before: Each advent calendar includes 24 cops and we send you 24 colours selected at random by us so that each day is a complete surprise for you.


All 24 cops in Pure silk - 6 thread thickness
All 24 cops in Pure silk - 12 thread thickness
All 24 cops in Pure silk - 18 thread thickness
All 24 cops in Pure silk - 36 thread thickness
All 24 cops in Pure silk - 60 thread thickness
All 24 cops in Pure silk - 72 thread thickness
 All 24 cops in Pure silk - Mixed silk thread thicknesses (4 of each 6/12/18/36/60/72) 

24 mixed - 12 silk / 6 wool / 6 cotton 
Includes 2 of each silk thread thickness (6/12/18/36/60/72) 

24 Wool embroidery threads 

24 Mercerised Cotton embroidery threads 

12 Worsted wool and 12 Mercerised cotton

If you have never used our silk threads before and would like to know in thickness how they compare to a DMC stranded cotton thread to help you select an advent calendar please use the list below for the closest silk thread comparison: This list is a guide only as obviously they are completely different fibres. 

DMC 6 stranded Cotton as it comes = DeVere Yarns 72 thread
DMC split down and using 5 strands = DeVere Yarns 60 thread
DMC split down and using 3 strands = DeVere Yarns 36 thread
DMC split down and using 2 strands = DeVere Yarns 18 thread
DMC split down and using 1 strand = DeVere Yarns 12 thread
DMC split down even further into 12 fine strands = DeVere Yarns 6 thread

Please note: If you are ordering after the 20th of November from outside of the UK we cannot guarantee that your advent calendar will arrive before the 1st December - On the bright side, you get to play catch up and open more than one each day :)