96 shade card colours in 5 packs

96 Pure Silk - shade card colours - split into 5 packs

We have split the 96 shades down into 5 affordable packs so you can collect them at your own pace. Each pack has 18 Pure Silk cops (That makes 90 I hear you say)....

Well the last remaining 6 cops are sent to you for free on purchase of your 5th pack, taking you to the total of 96 Pure silk shades.

Wether you choose to purchase all 96 in one pack or split into the 5 packs, the discount is exactly the same with a saving of over £20.00, the only difference is with this option (The 5 packs) you have to wait until the purchase of your 5th pack to receive the last remaining 6 shades from the collection.

Yes you can mix and match your thread pack thicknesses so you can collect one pack in 6 thread and one in 72 thread if you like, yes you can collect the packs in which ever order you like, yes you can just collect one pack and never collect the others (although you will not get the 6 free cops) and yes, there's no limit on how many packs you can buy.

So, which one will start your collection? :)